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College Graduates entering the Job Market during a Global Pandemic are in a sunken place



Lia Castro

Graduation– a celebration every college student looks forward to after two or four years of putting blood, sweat, and money into their textbooks. The weight sitting on the educational accomplishment places high expectations that the hard-earned diploma will kickstart their careers.

For the class of 2020, though, it’s not that simple.

They will enter the workforce in an uncertain climate. Especially when you consider a record 16 million people applied for unemployment last week.

A job search in the face of daunting numbers for over 1.3 million graduates.

Many expect the unemployment rate to increase to 30%. According to studies, those who finished school in a recession had an initial income of 9% below those in better economic times.

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik is trying to reduce the strain on graduating college students impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Stefanik introduced the COVID-19 Graduate Relief Act, bipartisan legislation that allows 2020 college graduates to defer their student loans for up to three years.

She says the legislation is designed to protect students entering the workforce during the pandemic.

“Graduating college students have already suffered severe disruption in their education, and the current state of our economy may have an impact on their ability to find a job following graduation,” said Congresswoman Stefanik. “Allowing graduating students to defer their loans for up to 3 years not only will give students monetary relief, but also will significantly improve their mental health and stress levels.”

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Diamonds International’s launches We Care Campaign to combat Hurricane Dorian Aftermath



Synobia Reckley pauses on a wet mattress as her husband Dexter Edwards consoles her amid the remains of their home destroyed by Hurricane Dorian in Rocky Creek East End, Grand Bahama, Bahamas, Sunday, Sept. 8, 2019. The couple married two days after Hurricane Mathew hit in 2016 but did not do serious damage. (AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa)

Hurricane Dorian is categorized as the strongest hurricane on record to have hit the Bahamas. This category 5 hurricane not only wiped out homes and caused extensive flooding but is uniquely recognized to have remained in the same location for days despite weather forecasting.

“I don’t even know if we can fully comprehend what it means to lose everything except your life,” Christopher Roberts, founder of The People’s Shelter expressed just how unfathomable the destruction was.

In response to the wreckage and loss the Bahamas endured, Diamonds International rolled up their sleeves and helped their local staff and the rest of the community in this difficult time. Asaf Nahum, VP of Crown of Light, elaborated on how Diamonds International took action with their We Care Campaign led by the CEO and Owner, Albert Gad. “Albert called me and asked me to visit Bahamas immediately to be with the staff and to let them know we are there for them,” Nahum mentioned.

Without any hesitation, Diamonds International began shipping food and supplies to send to those in need. “The thing that amazed me is that everyone – each one of the staff members and employees – they all wanted to help,” revealed Nahum. Local Bahamas Diamonds International store trainer, Safiya Wemyss, described coming in to work and how there were “so much positive people wanting to help – it was truly inspiring.”

In addition, Diamonds International also wanted to comfort children by bringing them gift-wrapped toys to hopefully lift their spirits in the wake of all the chaos. “Christmas has come,” said The Honorable Shonel Ferguson, a member of Parliament, wholeheartedly. “They’ve gotten toys – lots and lots of toys.”

For Diamonds International, family always comes first. With their We Care campaign, along with multiple relief efforts and corporate responsibility initiatives, Diamonds International reviews the situation at hand and proactively gives back to ensure their international teams are taken care of and supported. “We experienced a Cat. 5 hurricane,” said Christopher Roberts, “and we are now experiencing a Cat. 5 response.”

Courtesy of Diamond’s International.

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