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Emily Perry: The New Powerhouse in Dance Music



Emily Perry has practically been dancing since she could walk. Performing for the first time at the tender age of four was simply the beginning of what would blossom into a prosperous career.

Perry’s keeps solid company as she’s already worked with veteran producers who’ve crafted mega-hits for Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Jason Derulo, and more.

It’s a no brainer why the Australian pop star’s latest singles – “Walk in Silence” and “Summer on Lock” have both have charted, proving to be a rousing showcase in her abilities to produce eclectic and lush harmonies.

What specific moment in your life sparked your interest in pursuing a music career?

My music actually stems from my dance background. I’ve been dancing since I was a bubba and from there I transitioned into music. Dance is my way of expressing my thoughts and feelings, bringing those emotions out and giving them life through movement. My music is an extension of that. I started to really develop as an artist and plan for a career in the music industry during my teenage years. I couldn’t imagine doing anything different with my life…and I still incorporate dance elements into my performance.

What was the transition like from Australia to LA?

It was definitely a big transition! Leaving home and pursuing my career on the other side of the world was a lot to deal with but I wouldn’t change a thing. Everyone I’ve had the privilege of working with has definitely helped me to adjust to the industry in the US and shape me as an artist. As well as that, everything I have experienced and had the opportunity to be a part of has 100% influenced my music and persona as an artist. The dance community in LA has also been a big part of improving my overall performance ability/style.

“Walk In Silence” is definitely a powerfully driven song. In a time where the “Me Too” movement is really gaining traction, what does this song mean to you?

“Walk in Silence” was my third single release. I was so thankful for the response it received! I wrote this song with my amazing producers, Joe Cruz, and Cindy Valentine. It has a mid-tempo, contemporary pop vibe. Lyrically this song means a lot to me. It’s very prominent with everything going on in our industry today. Walk in Silence is about NOT being silenced, having your voice heard and loving every little thing about yourself. It hit #13 on the Billboard Dance Chart and I’m just so thankful that it got to reach so many people.

Often times, artists use music as an escape from reality but you’ve chosen to embrace transparency. Why is it important for you to be honest and vulnerable in your music?

It takes courage to be vulnerable, to open yourself up to other people’s opinions of your work, of you and of your worth but it is only by being open and vulnerable that people can truly know you. I also know that one of the reasons I make music is for other people – for others to create their own story and interpretation. A lot of my music is really fun and if I’m not having fun with it then the audience isn’t going to have fun. That’s one of the reasons why I always have my crew dancing with me…so we can really create a space for everyone to release their energy with us.

If you could tell your younger self-anything now, what would you tell her?

I would tell her to not care about what people think of her. I would tell her to surround herself with people who are positive and lift her up. I am so much happier in my life now that I’m being 100% myself and not letting other people’s negative opinions of me affect my daily life or my professional stylings. Remember, when someone is putting you down, it’s a reflection of them, not of you.

You’ve just finished a tour – congratulations on that by the way – in over a dozen cities to raise awareness for arts and music programs in public schools. Can you speak a little more about that?

Thank you! Yes, I have just finished a five-week tour with “High School Nation” across North America which I loved! The High School Nation Tour is a traveling festival that visits high school campuses introducing the students to opportunities in music and the arts. We take over the football stadium on each of the campuses and present a 2-hour concert and festival with interactive zones. By partnering with the top brands in music production, the students at each school gain access to today’s newest audio technology as we donate the gear and software needed for a fully functional on-campus recording studio valued at more than $10,000 to each school we visit.

It was incredible giving back to the students and it allowed me to connect with my fans on a more personal level. As artists, we owe so much to our fans and it was a one of a kind experience getting to meet them in person all over the country. Can’t wait to get back on the road in 2019!

What’s your favorite part of performing?

My favorite part would be getting to jump around and really connect face to face with my audience. The energy is so different in a studio compared to being in front of a whole group of people who are throwing endless amounts of energy back at you. Having an audience sing your music with you would have to be one of the best feelings in the world…and I love dancing on stage!

What can we expect from you in 2019?

This year I have a lot more music and various projects ready to release, so stay keen for that!

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Drake’s rolling out new music in celebration of Raptors NBA Championship win



Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Drake is so hype about the Raptors win you would think he was playing in the NBA Finals himself.

Being the megafan that he is, the hip-hop star is celebrating the team’s sweet victory with some new music –– it’s about time!

Drizzy announced via Instagram live last night that he will be releasing two new tracks scheduled to drop sometime today (June 14). Entitled “Omertá” and the Rick Ross-featured “Money in the Grave,” surprising his followers with an over-the-top caption, “THE CHIP TO THE 6!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The Toronto Raptors ambassador also revealed he’ll be the one designing the rings for the Raptors amid poking fun at Klay Thompson, referring to the time the Warriors SG called him a “bum a**” and saying that he’ll let that incident go.

“Yo Klay, when you’re wakeboarding this summer in your Quiksilver shorts, you know what time it is. When you see me, you better wave — friendly, too,” he teased.

Drake believes, “That dynasty’s over.” “We did what we had to do. Praying for KD, praying for Big Papi, but tonight belongs to Toronto.”

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Nora Rothman and Cape Francis release “Fifteen / Feet” just in time for Summer



Emily Knecht

Earlier this month, singer-songwriter and activist Nora Rothman debuted the first single off her forthcoming EP titled “Nothing New.” The lead single, “strange,” set the tone for the ethereal project that takes influence from folk and soul for a sound Popdust describes as “dream-pop gauziness and 70’s folk motifs.” 

Today, ahead of the EP’s July 12th release, Rothman is debuting another cut from the project, this time a collaboration with Cape Francis on “fifteen / feet.”

Produced by Kate Ellwanger (aka DOT) and co-written with Cape Francis, “fifteen / feet” is a song described as “as foreboding as it is wondrous” by Atwood Magazine. The three-minute composition is a lush soundscape of organic instrumentation, driven by guitar and drums, that acts as an ideal foundation to showcase Rothman’s soft vocals and poetic songwriting.

“This EP includes songs from the past five years, like random pages ripped out of a diary,” describes Rothman. “The EP explores newness, nostalgia, and the negative space between them. In the end, it’s really nothing new — we’ve all been here before.”

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Lion Babe takes on Center Stage in Atlanta next month



Courtesy of Dana Trippe

American soul duo consisting of Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman is ramping up for a pint-sized North American tour with a must-attend stop in Atlanta.

Hervey and Goodman are set to play at Center Stage on June 11 ––anticipated to be a sold-out show. The tour announcement comes behind the pair’s newly released second LP, Cosmic Wind, which features appearances from Bilal, Leikeli47, and Raekwon.

You can definitely expect a futuristic set with performances from danceable singles like “The Wave” and “Western World.”

The summer trek kicks of next month, June 5th in Brooklyn, New York and closes out June 25th in Chicago, Illinois.

To purchase tickets for the ATL, click here.

Lion Babe Tour Dates

June 5 – Brooklyn, NY
June 6 – Philadelphia, PA
June 7 – Boston, MA
June 9 – Washington, D.C.
June 11 – Atlanta, GA
June 13 – Houston, TX
June 14 – Austin, TX
June 16 – Dallas, TX
June 18 – Phoenix, AZ
June 19 – Los Angeles, CA
June 21 – San Francisco, CA
June 23 – Seattle, WA
June 25 – Chicago, IL

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