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McCall makes your retro, rock-pop dreams come true

Alina Robinson



Atlanta-born, LA-based singer-songwriter, McCall is leaving an indelible mark on the music scene. Inspired by the natural progression of life, her bluesy-rock pop grooves explore relationships, femininity, and everything else that makes McCall –– McCall. With powerhouse harmonies and melodies that burrow a vintage genre, her aesthetic is one that transports retro pop-rock fervor into the digital age.

McCall’s most recent single, “Stone Cold,” is an addictive record that evokes flashbacks of toxic bonds. The track is supported by impressive guitar dexterity, providing a solid core for her symmetrical lyrics.

There’s something effortlessly genuine about the natural blend of McCall’s tunes, breathtaking voice, and her bad*ss energy, but we’ll let you be the judge.

McCall’s next single, “Lavender” drops Feb. 21.

“Stone Cold,” is a song that explores that frustrating feeling of not being able to let go of a relationship that’s not good for you. How do you break yourself free from that kind of toxicity (that can be addicting at times) and walk away?

Oh, I’m not good at it all. I’m definitely very addicted to that feeling of trying to make someone like you. What I do is binge listen to all the songs that we would listen to when we were together, to their music if they were musicians, and kind of get all my bad feelings out to prove to myself I’m not afraid to listen to those songs anymore. I don’t know; it’s really hard, actually. I feel like I don’t have good advice on it. I just write about it a lot, and eventually it will fade out. I’m coming out of a relationship now. We broke up nine months ago, but just now I’m out of the toxicity of it. It takes a while; you just have to ride it out.

In a world where we’re always looking for the next best thing, or rather constantly leaving and finding something new (and sometimes better, sometimes not), what is the fine line between settling and not settling?

That’s a great question. It’s kind of hard to settle because someone is always doing better than you or someone is always getting that opportunity that you wanted or even an opportunity that you hadn’t even thought about and then you’re like, “Wow, why didn’t I think about that?” Music-wise, that’s a good thing for me, because even when I feel like I’ve accomplished something, I look at my peers and they’ve accomplished something better. That can be helpful and hurtful in certain ways. Relationship-wise, you need to have that feeling because obviously, there’s always someone more attractive or whatever but it’s really hard to find that one person you connect to perfectly. It’s hard but you just have to see what clicks and what doesn’t.

Nick Smiley

The lyrics, “Leaving me lonely / But I can’t walk away,” from “Stone Cold” is such a heavy statement. Why do you think even when we don’t feel good or feel like we’re like it’s going nowhere, we still stay?

I think it depends on the relationship. For me, what “Stone Cold” was about wasn’t a real relationship. It was just about a friend of mine; we mutually liked each other, and it never really worked out. That line is wanting so badly to be liked by this person and to feel worthy of their time that when they don’t give it to you, you’re upset but you’re still willing to try again and again. You’re willing to change things about yourself just for the pure idea that they might like that. That feeling can be addicting –– it’s like a puzzle, it’s like what else can I do to make this person like me or change the way they feel about me even if it’ll never work because we’re not right for each other.

Well said. So, in both contexts of relationships as well as the music industry, what pushes you and motivates you to keep going when it feels like nothing’s going right or rather, your expectations aren’t met?

This sounds kind of cheesy, and I don’t really know what type of God I believe in or the universe, but I really feel that this is what I’m supposed to be doing. I give a lot up to the universe and I’ll know it’s all going the way it needs to go. I work really hard so when things don’t turn out how they should, it’s easier to accept that it wasn’t in the stars.

Alina Robinson

Hope can be a tricky thing when it comes to how we deal with our problems, relationships, mental health, even the issues with our world today. We tend to hold onto the past in hopes that something will change. Obviously, that’s not always the case and more often than not, it won’t ever happen. How do you think we can navigate that?

There comes a time, if you’re really honest with yourself, you’ll realize that you’re holding onto something that’s not worth it anymore. That’s a really hard place to get to, and I think I definitely overstay my welcome in hopes. If you aren’t honest with yourself and the situation, at some point something is going to knock you so hard off your feet that you don’t have a choice but to come to that realization. Just taking time to think with yourself, self reflect, check in, and be like, “Is this actually the right thing to do?”

The music video for “Stone Cold” is the perfect mixture of aesthetically pleasing but still conveys that frustrated feeling of not being able to walk away. The value of visual art is equally as important as the audio in regards to who you want to represent as an artist. What do you feel like you’ve been representing with your music?

Ooh, what a great question. Griffin Meyer directed the music video and we collaborated a lot on the aesthetics. He did an absolutely amazing job. Ursula Bowling was the art director and she killed it as well. I had a great team on that video. We went with this theme of Venus because I feel like what I want to represent is femininity and kind of changing what being a woman means. I’ve always felt very masculine and very tomboy-ish. Sometimes, I feel like I missed out on this “high” femininity that Venus represents.

So with this video, and the music that’s out and the music that’s about to come, I’m just trying to say, “I am a woman.” And that you know, just redefining what it means today to be a woman and what strength and power look like.

It’s an amazing video, and “Stone Cold,” is amazing as well. Congratulations on everything!

Thank you so much. I’ve been sitting on these songs we have yet to put out, and some of them, it’s been years. So we’re just going to put them out and see what happens. I’m really excited!

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Drake’s rolling out new music in celebration of Raptors NBA Championship win



Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Drake is so hype about the Raptors win you would think he was playing in the NBA Finals himself.

Being the megafan that he is, the hip-hop star is celebrating the team’s sweet victory with some new music –– it’s about time!

Drizzy announced via Instagram live last night that he will be releasing two new tracks scheduled to drop sometime today (June 14). Entitled “Omertá” and the Rick Ross-featured “Money in the Grave,” surprising his followers with an over-the-top caption, “THE CHIP TO THE 6!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The Toronto Raptors ambassador also revealed he’ll be the one designing the rings for the Raptors amid poking fun at Klay Thompson, referring to the time the Warriors SG called him a “bum a**” and saying that he’ll let that incident go.

“Yo Klay, when you’re wakeboarding this summer in your Quiksilver shorts, you know what time it is. When you see me, you better wave — friendly, too,” he teased.

Drake believes, “That dynasty’s over.” “We did what we had to do. Praying for KD, praying for Big Papi, but tonight belongs to Toronto.”

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Nora Rothman and Cape Francis release “Fifteen / Feet” just in time for Summer



Emily Knecht

Earlier this month, singer-songwriter and activist Nora Rothman debuted the first single off her forthcoming EP titled “Nothing New.” The lead single, “strange,” set the tone for the ethereal project that takes influence from folk and soul for a sound Popdust describes as “dream-pop gauziness and 70’s folk motifs.” 

Today, ahead of the EP’s July 12th release, Rothman is debuting another cut from the project, this time a collaboration with Cape Francis on “fifteen / feet.”

Produced by Kate Ellwanger (aka DOT) and co-written with Cape Francis, “fifteen / feet” is a song described as “as foreboding as it is wondrous” by Atwood Magazine. The three-minute composition is a lush soundscape of organic instrumentation, driven by guitar and drums, that acts as an ideal foundation to showcase Rothman’s soft vocals and poetic songwriting.

“This EP includes songs from the past five years, like random pages ripped out of a diary,” describes Rothman. “The EP explores newness, nostalgia, and the negative space between them. In the end, it’s really nothing new — we’ve all been here before.”

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Locals Only

Lion Babe takes on Center Stage in Atlanta next month



Courtesy of Dana Trippe

American soul duo consisting of Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman is ramping up for a pint-sized North American tour with a must-attend stop in Atlanta.

Hervey and Goodman are set to play at Center Stage on June 11 ––anticipated to be a sold-out show. The tour announcement comes behind the pair’s newly released second LP, Cosmic Wind, which features appearances from Bilal, Leikeli47, and Raekwon.

You can definitely expect a futuristic set with performances from danceable singles like “The Wave” and “Western World.”

The summer trek kicks of next month, June 5th in Brooklyn, New York and closes out June 25th in Chicago, Illinois.

To purchase tickets for the ATL, click here.

Lion Babe Tour Dates

June 5 – Brooklyn, NY
June 6 – Philadelphia, PA
June 7 – Boston, MA
June 9 – Washington, D.C.
June 11 – Atlanta, GA
June 13 – Houston, TX
June 14 – Austin, TX
June 16 – Dallas, TX
June 18 – Phoenix, AZ
June 19 – Los Angeles, CA
June 21 – San Francisco, CA
June 23 – Seattle, WA
June 25 – Chicago, IL

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