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Meet Will Hill, a Lyrical Hustler making his own Waves

Ryan Stokes



Will Hill’s rap skills are unquestionably making uncontrollable noise. The ambitious 26-year-old is causing even the old heads to take notes, leaving a strong impression on the hip-hop game. His most recent single, “Boutta Check,” is a problem, but a good one, of course. Hill pushes his pen over a piano-driven track, crisscrossing trap and jazz beats. Let’s just say he doesn’t miss a mark.

Hill’s intricacy, logic, and lyricism forge a refreshing path in the era of mumble-rap. The emcee proves to be nothing short of authentic, which seamlessly manifests into his songs. He continues to reverse his trials and tribulations into purpose. And there’s no doubt he’ll only be advancing from here.

Was there a specific moment in your life you can recall that sparked your interest in music?
It’s pretty much always been around me for as long as I can remember. My mom used to always play old school music –– funk, jazz… all that stuff. My sisters introduced me to hip-hop; they would listen to the radio back when Ludacris was on and…yeah.

I remember the first song I heard on there was Outkast’s, “Elevators.”

The first time I remember trying to pursue it, my aunt was working at Epic Records. At that time, everyone was going crazy over Lil Bow Wow and everything he was doing, and I remember wanting to be like him. And then in high school, I began experimenting with raps again for fun. That turned into one of my homies making music with me; to be honest, it was supposed to just be this quick money scheme at that point [but] things just sort of clicked together.

Ryan Stokes

Why do you think Atlanta is so important for music culture?
Atlanta is just so unique in how we make music. There are so many different types of people who come here just because of the location, the music, [and] the culture. You got people from Cali, New York, [and] you got people from the other side of the world, and different countries, you know? With all that mixed, there’s always a lot going on. And to already infuse that with what’s already been here in Atlanta – the snap culture, the twerk culture, stuff like that, it’s just a perfect balance. You can have substance in the music or no substance, but regardless, it will make people move. I think it’s important for artists to tap into that since so many people love the sound Atlanta has to offer.

How do you overcome doubts during low moments in your career?
So doubt is something every artist goes through but the best thing to is overcome that, and this is something I personally do to conquer self-doubt and any other obstacles, is to make sure you’re always having fun. Remind yourself why you started making music in the first place –– why it brings you joy, happiness, and something worth continuously pursuing.

One thing I personally had to do was start producing to find joy in music again. I went through a [period] where I didn’t want to make music anymore; it just didn’t feel right.

What motivates me through all that is, to be honest –– everyday life. The stuff that I go through on a daily basis. So I just pull from that when I make music and people [can] relate. When I sit down to record a song, it’s usually to get something off my chest whether it’s happy or sad. It’s healing, for sure, but it also motivates me to push harder. I’m also really big on creating and accomplishing goals and working hard to get to that next level.

What is your current objective as an artist?
I’m working towards solidifying my brand and making sure that I’m conveying what my brand is [so] that everyone has a good grasp on who I am as an artist and what I want to represent.

And my brand is just, you know, hustling; it’s about ambition and talking to anyone who has goals and strives to do something bigger and better with their lives.

What are you anticipating most for as further into your musical quest?
At this point, to see it all unfold. I’m recently [became] a firm believer in the process being the beautiful part. I’ve gone through a lot as an artist –– ups and downs, trials and tribulations and to see it all unfold, would be like, “Ah, okay. I put in a lot of work and this is what I’ve been working towards.” Seeing that come to life would be [really] exciting.

In the future, which artists are on your bucket list to collaborate with?
In the near future, Childish Major. I really enjoy his music and his talent.
Future, Jay Z, of course. [Hov’s] someone who really inspires and motivates me. The level that he’s been able to maintain over the years –– just the consistency and the business savvy mindset he’s got. The way he approaches everything is something that I can look up to. Even now, like the impact, he’s made in his community by helping out other artists like Meek Mill and 21 Savage. The accomplishments he’s made over the course of his career is something to look up to and strive towards. To collaborate with him would be great. I’ll make that happen sooner or later.

What’s next for you in 2019?
I’m looking forward to releasing my EP, “Illusion,” and I think everyone will really like it. And then after that, just being consistent with my brand and what I put out there. I got a few songs and music videos tucked away that I’ll release and build up until the album comes out and then, yeah. Hopefully, once that’s out, I’ll go on tour and start performing everywhere.

Congratulations on “Boutta Check” and everything else coming your way!
Thank you, thank you. I’m excited. It’s going to be a great journey!

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“Heathers”and “Jawbreaker” vibes ooze from The Naked and Famous new video



The Naked and Famous are giving off a dark comedy vibe (think Heathers and Jawbreaker) in a major way with their new music video for their latest song “Bury Us”.

Alisa Xayalith accidentally murders her boyfriend, leading herself to enlist bandmate Thom Powers to help cover up the evidence. Additional chaos ensues all amidst bright colors, perfectly matching the shimmering synth sound of the track.

“Bury Us” is a track off of the duo’s forthcoming album ‘Recover’ which is a full-throttle dosage of the 2010s-era synth pop sound they helped define (remember “Young Blood”?!) mixed with a powerful sentiment of survival, and the very human process of self-preservation — of saving, choosing and celebrating oneself in a world constantly trying to put us down.

See video below:

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Haleek Maul drops ‘Get2High’ ahead of forthcoming album ‘Errol’



Haleek Maul by Ansuni Hall

 Brooklyn-born, Barbados-raised rapper Haleek Maul kicks off the new decade with a new single from his forthcoming debut album.

“GET2HIGH” is a sleek, moody banger produced by London’s Sega Bodega that doubles as a cautionary track, with Haleek opining, “whatever you do don’t get too high.” The new track is the fifth and final offering ahead of the release of his forthcoming debut Errol, due February 28th via Lex Records, following “Lucid” featuring Sean Leon, “Halo” featuring Mick Jenkins, “Abyss” featuring Ro Ransom, and “Ceiling Fan.” 

Speaking on the album, Haleek says: 
“Errol is my debut album, dedicated to my late grandfather. With this project I’m working through a lot of the things I’ve learned since I lost him, as well as speaking on the transformation I’m undergoing as an artist and person.

Haleek is also gearing up to celebrate the album’s release with a hometown show at Brooklyn’s Elsewhere Zone One on February 27th. 

For tickets, click  here.

Errol track listing:

1. We Wid It (feat. Jah Koda)

2. Ceiling Fan

3. Relax (feat. Island Levvy)

4. Glitching

5. Halo (feat. Mick Jenkins)

6. Pretty Colour


8. Lucid (feat. Sean Leon)

9. DWGWY10. Abyss (feat. Ro Ransom)

11. Name (feat. Fantom Dundeal)

12. Feelings (feat. Aron)

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Tops announces new Album ‘I Feel Alive’



Photo credit: Justin Aranha

After launching their own record label, Musique TOPS, last year, Montreal four-piece TOPS enter the new decade by announcing a new album. I Feel Alive is slated to drop April 3rd via Musique TOPS and is their fourth full-length, following 2017’s Sugar At The Gate. The album also follows singles “Echo of Dawn” and “Seven Minutes” from last year. 

TOPS is also sharing the album’s title-track and video. “I Feel Alive” is directed by Mashie Alam and documents the band at a photoshoot, with no shortage of looks and playful bunnies present.

The video arrives ahead of their tour this Spring beginning April 3rd in Las Vegas. They’ll make stops in Austin, Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles, before closing out the run May 4th in San Diego.

Listen and watch “I Feel Alive” above, see upcoming tour dates and album details below.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

4/3 – Las Vegas, NV @ Bunkhouse Saloon* 4/4 – Tucson, AZ @ 191 Toole*
4/5 – Phoenix, AZ @ Valley Bar*
4/6 – El Paso, TX @ Lowbrow Palace*
4/7 – Marfa, TX @ Lost Horse Saloon*
4/9 – Austin, TX @ Mohawk*
4/10 – San Antonio, TX @ Paper Tiger*
4/11 – Dallas, TX @ Club Dada*
4/13 – Memphis, TN @ The Hi Tone Cafe*
4/14 – Atlanta, GA @ Terminal West*
4/15 – Asheville, NC @ The Mothlight*
4/16 – Washington D.C. @ Union Stage*^
4/17 – Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s^
4/18 – New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom*^
4/20 – Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall*^
4/21 – Montreal, QC @ Theatre Rialto#^
4/22 – Toronto, ON @ Adelaide Hall#^
4/23 – Detroit, MI @ Deluxx Fluxx#^
4/24 – Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle#^
4/25 – Minneapolis, MN @ Turf Club#^
4/28 – Vancouver, BC @ Imperial Theatre#
4/29 – Seattle, WA @ The Crocodile#
4/30 – Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge#
5/1 – San Francisco, CA @ The Independent#
5/2 – Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey Theatre#
5/4 – San Diego, CA @ Music Box#

To purchase tickets, click here.

I Feel Alive cover art

1. Direct Sunlight 2. I Feel Alive 3. Pirouette 4. Ballads & Sad Movies 5. Colder & Closer 6. Witching Hour 7. Take Down 8. Drowning In Paradise 9. OK Fine Whatever 10. Looking To Remember 11. Too Much

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